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Columbia Heights was originally a horse track and farmland directly outside the boundary of the City of Washington, and it was also the original home of Columbian College (which eventually became George Washington University). In 1881, Senator John Sherman purchased a whole bunch of land in the area and named the development Columbia Heights, in honor of Columbian College. The federal government bought some property and built Meridian Hill Park, and the area became an upscale neighborhood that attracted federal and military workers. In the early 1900s, Columbia Heights was one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city with several notable residents.

The neighborhood began to transform from a suburban to an urban area in the twentieth century, and soon to follow was the construction of larger apartment buildings. Columbia Heights was adjacent to Shaw and U Street, thriving black communities, and became home for many African. In 1968, riots happened, and residents moved out, stores remained vacant for decades, and Columbia Heights once again was changing.

In 1999, redevelopment started, and in 2016, the Wall Street Journal recognized that this once booming community was back and a thriving D.C. neighborhood. Despite the rebuilding happening in Columbia Heights, there are small parts of this Community plaque with theft, robberies, gun violence, gangs, and drugs. One can often hear the sounds gunshots during the day and riddling throughout the night. Drug dealers are taking over public parks leaving a young child with no place to play and some adults in fear for their life. Although, there is a great deal of new development in Columbia Heights and residents generally feel safe, there are still ongoing issues with crime and the quality of life for the individuals and families living in Columbia Heights Village Apartments.

The goal of Columbia Heights Village Tenant Association Inc is to aid in improving the quality of life by offering programs further our goals under this program by conducting the following activities.

Board of Directors

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Paul Jones


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Josephine Hodges


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Margaret Hundley


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Ericka Deal


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Amir McDowell


Board Director

Vera Jackson


Board Director

Sherill Robinson


Board Director

Patricia Jenkins